Another Bronco’s Hat

I’m a bit behind on all of my blog posts, here as well as on my crocheting blog, so since the end of the year is upon us, I feel I must now play catch up!

A few weeks ago I finished making another Denver Bronco’s hat, this time for a good friends teenage daughter, who of course is a big Bronco’s fan. It was almost exactly one year earlier when I made my first Bronco’s hat.

I used the same pattern for both hats.

You can find the original pattern HERE, but to make the hat identical to mine, you can find the alterations I made, on my original post about this hat, HERE.

For this most current hat I began with a 4.5 mm circular needle, and changed to 4.5 mm dpn’s to finish up the crown decreases. The yarn I used was Red Heart Super Saver in the colors Royal (blue) and Pumpkin, as well as Mainstays Basics in the color White.

I think my work is much better this time around, since I had a better understanding of what I was doing. The first Bronco’s hat I made was the first time I made a successful attempt at fair isle/stranded knitting. Also, this hat worked up much quicker than the first one. It only took me a few days to complete it.

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